Janelle likes to write things. These are usually things about food and travel or other things like music, CBD (Cannabidiol), mary jane and screenplays.

She also likes chocolate. Lots of chocolate.
Portland's Most Romantic Restaurants by Janelle Albukhari (Thrillist)

Portland's Most Romantic Restaurants

It's time to step up and see what this glorious, passionate city has to offer.

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How To Take CBD

Everything you could ever want to know about CBD is just a click away.


15 Minutes With Aaliyah Nitoto and Sam Prestianni, Makers of Lavender Wine

“Something as beautiful and unique as lavender wine shouldn’t just be at a country club.”

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The Most Romantic Cannabis-Friendly Getaways

Integrate travel and cannabis in fun and exciting new ways.


Meet The Fearless Lawyer Saving The CBD Industry

Chelsie’s continued work with medical marijuana and hemp makes her one of the few experts in an industry that’s constantly in flux.

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I Won a Jerk Chicken Cookoff at a Jamaican Sex Resort

Warning: saucy photos ahead!

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Welcome to the Country’s First Cannabis Speakeasy

Can I get a HOORAH?!


The Mysterious Case of Japan’s “Dancing Zombie Squid”

You can’t make this stuff up.


Inside the mind of 'the Ether Bunny'

"I’ve seen plenty of this guy’s work around town and call me a killjoy but I really wish he would stop."


New & Noteworthy: CBD

CBD is a non-intoxicating compound found in cannabis that’s rife with a rich array of health benefits.

best urban hotels

America's Greatest Urban Hotels

Dive into some of America's most stylish urban hotels across twenty of our favorite American cities.


Take a Look Inside the World of Cannabis Matchmaking

The couple who blazes together stays together.

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Recipe: Rich and Infused Cocoa Hazelnut Spread

WARNING: Contents are extremely addictive. Proceed with extreme caution.


The Best Cannabis Products To Pair With Summer Songs

Dance with someone you love... and smoke a joint or two.


Behind The Scenes With Peak Extracts

Two badass ladies, one badass brand.


Say Hello to Spring With These Floral Cannabis Accessories

Flowers and cannabis are a natural combination, which is why these floral cannabis accessories are so delightful.

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Italian Nonnas Share Their Secrets to Making the Best Pasta Sauce

Main takeaways: patience, mushrooms, and lots of wine.


Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Gourmet Cannabis-Infused Chocolates

It’s truly life’s greatest pleasure.


A Completely Obsessive Ranking of Pepperidge Farm Cookies

Our writer ripped open a bag of every single Pepperidge Farm cookie currently available.


Oregon Leaf Magazine:

The Tannins & Terpenes Issue

Non-stop goodies ahead!


Support These Charitable Cannabis Business That Give Back

Despite the hardships it’s still a thing of wonder that we get to work with such empathetic and caring people

dreamer girl

Make Epic Shit and They Will Come

If you make cookie cutter copy why should anyone bother remembering who you are?


Infused Grooming Products For The Man in Your Life

Treat the man in your life to something special, treat yo’ self, treat the neighbors, even.

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8 Must Have CBD Products for Athletes

Using CBD in your workout can alleviate some of the most difficult parts of exercise.

San Francisco SOMA

It’s not often that a bar doubles as a coffee house and sushi lounge but hey—in San Francisco anything is possible.


Portland's Epic Thai food scene, mapped

Can you smell the Thai renaissance in the air?


Fight the Munchies With These West Coast THCV Products

Can THCV really help suppress your appetite?

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Cannabis 101: A Beginner's Guide

Learn how to make better, more informed purchasing decisions.

matt's bbq pdx

11 Food Experiences To Have in Portland Before You Die

Best to start with an empty belly.



A land of desert and jungle, elephants and camels, majestic forests and lavish palaces.


Enjoy The Holidays With These Pinene-rich Products

Nothing says winter quite like fresh, invigorating Pinene.


Try fighting Depression with these five cannabis strains

Science is on yo' side.


Oregon Leaf Magazine: The Travel Issue

Highlighting some of the best cannabis tourism Oregon has to offer.


The most sensual steak (and pizza) I ever ate

Nostrana reminds its diners of old Italian markets and grocery shops, big sit down family dinners around the table...


Where to eat out in Lake oswego, mapped

Here’s a map to help you stroll with purpose (and a full belly).


the wide, welcoming arms of alice dee

The ceiling had, quietly, without a word, folded in half.


Sweet Cannabis’ Nu CBD Tincture Review

Alternatives to smoking include using a CBD topical or a tincture for longer term relief.


Oregon Leaf Magazine: The Behind The Scenes Issue

Step inside and take a peek at what goes on behind closed doors.


There's a secret, Profit-free Bookstore "forest" on Division Street

Secret Forest is not a bookstore, according to its owners. It is, instead, a forest.

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London Calling

I am never going to leave.


Rome, Tuscany & Florence with Chef Joshua McFadden

The Italy we know inspires and begs to be explored.


Your Guide To Whipping Up CBD Cocktails

The best way to create cannabis cocktails is to make your own infusions.

Seven Days in the Greek Islands with Lacey Stone by Janelle Lassalle (Albukhari) for Modern Adventure

Seven Days in the Greek Islands with Lacey Stone

For all the ladies out there dreaming of teal blue waters and hidden beaches.


See The Future At Oracle

In an era when coffeehouses are more flash than substance, finding one that treats coffee with respect can be difficult.


Why CBG (Cannabigerol) Is One Of The Most Expensive Cannabinoids To Produce

CBG is the precursor from which all other cannabinoids are synthesized, which is why it’s often referred to as the “mother” or “stem cell” of cannabinoids


Elevate Your Galentine’s Day With These Social Strains

Galentine’s Day is just plain wonderful, and you should most definitely be celebrating it.


Getting Around Oakland's Temescal Neighborhood

Fine eateries, fashion and other treasures ahoy!


Behind The Scenes With Cannabis Charities

I asked cannabis nonprofits to share their thoughts on the state of the industry.


Relax and Unwind With These CBD Spa Treatments

There’s no better way to honor the healing anti-inflammatory properties of CBD.


Brighten Your Day With These Colorful Cannabis Accessories

It’s time to channel your inner unicorn.

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Bioavailability of Different CBD Products

Each type of CBD product can affect your body in different ways.


My Mission to Unearth Portland's Greatest Strip Club Food

Could it be possible that strip club food, like that cheap-as-hell steak and lobster special, was actually delicious?

anti anxiety cannabis

Five Anti-Anxiety Strains to Try

Get yo' relief on.


5 Beginner-Friendly Disposable CBD Vape Pens

What’s not to love about a naturally occurring compound that boasts anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, and analgesic properties?

portland food secrets

Portland Food Secrets You Definitely Want to know

Oysters, tofu, debauchery and so much more.


How to Make Kickass Korean BBQ in your backyard

Korean BBQ is a joyful celebration of fire, copious amounts of meat, and a whole lot of chili.

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Five Anti-Anxiety Strains to try

Fuck you, big pharma.

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The Intrepid Foodie: Vegan Delights at Food for Friends

I used to take pride in the fact that I avoided vegetables at all costs, declaring that greens were “the food my food eats”.


East Coast Class at the boston ames hotel

Welcome to Boston, baby.


Meet Thrillist Portland’s Best Chefs of 2016

Trials, tribulations, and secrets behind the kind of chocolate chip cookies that take three days to make.


What's the Scoop opens up South Waterfront location

What the Scoop's approach skips the traditional (and time-consuming) approach of churning ice cream, opting instead to use liquid nitrogen.

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Five Sexy strains for getting it on

Not all strains are created equal: some are far better suited to doing the deed than others


The curry Quest continues at the chili pickle

The perfect combo of sweet and spicy, except for holy mother wow was it spicy.

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Stay Thirsty, my friends: Burgers and cocktails at meat liquor

Brighton's stylish Meat Liquor is clearly an homage to something lost and long gone: it has the feel of a 60's diner on steroids, revamped with modern day art.


Eat, Sleep, Dance, Repeat: A Misfit's Guide to Brighton

Restaurants, clubs and pubs for the young, merry and hungry at heart (with a few more goodies to boot).

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An Intoxicating Mediterranean Romance at Serratto

It evokes that childhood feeling of a true comfort food made to enjoy warmly under a fuzzy blanket inside on a rainy day.


a weekend to remember at we are FSTVL

MK rules the stage with the intensity of a hypnotist: with his manipulation of the music and beats he appears to be a puppeteer, watching the crowd dance merrily along.


10 easy and incredible ways to grill your breakfast

Hot coals can do amazing things to your breakfast game.


portland's outstanding Bakeries, Mapped

Is there anything more enticing than the smell of dough baking in an oven?


The best italian restaurants in portland right now

It’s best to get a bit of everything, including the Gnocco Fritto, aka fried bread with prosciutto and honey, salad, and lamb and pork ragu with rye tagliatelle.


The littlest lion tamer

For months now, he had been trying to convince the caravan to let him start training the lion, all to no avail.


The time I tripped and fell into heaven, aka chocywoccydoodah

Silly name, drool-worthy cake & chocolate.


The power of emotional branding

A discussion on the motivation, strategies and digital advertising techniques that go into creating lifelong customers.

Stretch $5 Fast Food Budget Mashed by Janelle Albukhari Lassalle

How To Stretch $5 At Your Favorite Fast Food Chains

Every fast food menu, hack and insider tip to get you the most bang for your buck.


The Curious Case of Cannabis & Creativity

I profiled three badass ladies to get to the heart of what about cannabis kicks creativity into overdrive.


Picon Punch Is The Winter Drink You Needed

The first thing you do after gulping down a Picon Punch is order another.


A Complete Tourism Guide to Portland’s 2018 Cannabis Scene

Portland is a mecca for cannabis lovers everywhere.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabigerol (CBG)

CBG shows great promise with regard to potential medical benefits.

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I Drank 150 Margaritas in 3 Days

I don’t think humans were built for this.


The Best Cannabis Beauty Products

Cannabis topicals are a great way for canna-curious folk to experiment with the plant.

EVOLVD_DaCosta_Cart_2 (1).jpg

Introducing EVOLVD's New "Living Resin" Cartridges

Innovative companies like Evolvd based out of Oregon are utilizing new proprietary methods to yield products with up to 30% terpenes.

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The Arab Restaurant That Reminded Me America is My Country, Too

At Dyafa, seeing people enjoying my heritage through food felt like a lifelong cloud of hatred was being lifted.


Valentine’s Inspired Cannabis Jewelry Everyone Will Love

Let’s celebrate shiny things together.


Sensi Vapes Founder Tara Jane Forrest On Sustainability and Diversity

Tara Jane Forrest has a mission that goes way beyond cannabis.


How To Cope When You Love A Drug Addict

If you had any sense at all, you would get out now.


Laser Vapes Are Apparently Coming Soon

Someday in the near future you can hope to have your very own cannabis laser vape pen.


Oregon leaf Magazine: The Hemp Issue

Explore all this magical plant has to offer.

Your Guide to the Best of San Francisco’s Mission District by Janelle Albukhari Lassalle

Your Guide to the Best of San Francisco’s Mission District

Heaven is indeed a place on earth, and there’s an excellent chance it's at Tartine Bakery.


why you need to be smoking Bull Run's "Silver Tip" strain

It’s nearly picture perfect, the end result of a long labor of love.


8 PAX Era Pods to Get Excited About

Peek in to check out some of the country’s finest PAX Era pods and where you can find them.

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Tuxedo Mask's Unconditional Love for Sailor Moon Was Revolutionary—And Hot

“People these days have it all wrong. They believe that simply having good looks is what makes a girl beautiful.”

edibles cannabis

Six Awesome Edibles You’ve Got to Try

In which I put a few edibles to the test...for science, of course.


Luxury Vape Brand Kurvana Leads The Way In Experiential Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis companies are turning to increasingly more creative solutions to get their name out there.


Dab Your Way Through the Holidays With These CBD Concentrates

Time to class it up.

romantic london

Get Romantic In Merry Ol' London Town

Move over, Paris: there's a new sheriff in town.


The Best Cannabis Subscription Boxes

Dazzle your cannabis loving special someone with the best cannabis subscription boxes out there.


Oregon Leaf Magazine: Women In Weed Issue

The best one of them all!!

harissa chili

9 Harissa Recipes That'll Kick You in the taste buds

From mom's meatloaf to mom's bloody Mary (momma doesn't mess around!)


Where to eat great indian food in Portland, Mapped

If you haven’t had the experience of chasing a spicy curry down with an ice-cold, refreshing beer, you really haven’t lived.

food carts portland janelle lassalle

Iconic Portland Food Cart Dishes you have to try

Time to crack open a beer and get exploring.

las vegas edc janelle lassalle guide

The Beginner's Guide to EDC Las Vegas

Hear ye, hear ye: check out my righetous Beginner’s Guide to EDC Las Vegas in all its glory.

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Bringing Cannabis and Bowling Together

Cannabis businesses + bowling tournament = good times for all.


East Portland Now Has the city's first vegan donuts

While Voodoo might have a few vegan options lurking up their sleeve, they’ve got nothing on Doe’s thoughtful, well-balanced creations.


Welcome to the UK's Most Fantastic festival: boomtown

From pirates to pixies to gypsies and beyond, Boomtown’s credo is dedicated to honoring that basic human impulse that brings everyone together at festivals: acceptance.


Why You’ll Fall in Love with Pilot Farm

Some cultivars are grown with a lot more love than others, the kind of love that can only come from Mother Nature herself.


8 Sauces You should Probably Be grilling with

Don't coat that poor, helpless piece of meat in whatever generic BBQ sauce you have lying around.


Drink up, me hearties: a delight at willamette week's Beer pro Am

Beer me, baby.


Celebrating London Fashion Week with isabella blow at one aldwych

These were no mere mushrooms: they'd been soaked in whiskey following an infusion of butter for over 12 hours before being sauteed...